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  1. Tony Reeves

    The weirdest I ever caught was a dogfish down in a back channel in Matagorda. It seems to have sucked down to the bottom like a stingray would.

  2. Sue

    What Amber caught looks identical or very close to what we used to catch in the bays on Long Island, New York. As kids we loved to rub their bellies and watch them blow up, with their buck teeth, but the best part was eating this fish. It was called “Chicken of the Sea” and was even sold in some food chain markets. My brother used to go fishing in the morning and by the time he arrived home his buckets were full with about 80 of these guys. My Mom would batter and fry them like chicken. They have one large bone down the center so you ate it like a chicken leg, No tiny bones at all to worry about! Since moving to Texas in the ’80’s I always wondered if what Amber caught is indeed the same fish that we loved so much on the east coast. By the way the fish freezes exceptionally well, when cleaned. I have cleaned my fair share of this fish. Cut off the head behind the gills, and strip off the rubbery skin from there to the tail. The tail will remain with the meat of the fish. I have longed for years to be able to enjoy eating this wonderful fish again. Not many seem to know its delicious taste due to the scares of more poisonous species. I wish more research was done on these to make the public more aware. There are people of the east coast that fish these daily and love eating this fish. So Amber I hope that you didn’t throw that fish back! If you did, I think I am going fishing!

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