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  1. Bill Collins

    Great news, but most of the time I am exactly sure what I did. Lots of chunk and wind with occasional success. Any hints?

    1. TFG Staff

      One thing to be certain of is that your lures are making soft landings. All of the pros pay particular attention to how softly their lures land which is why they do a lot of pitching, flipping and underhand cast instead of the standard lob. I have personally seen this make a huge difference in my fishing one I started paying attention to it.

  2. Chikaiko

    Yea a Stren mono or Berkley Trilene mono will work for you. Braid can actually lesesn your casting distance due to the friction it has going through your rod guides. It also is a pain to cut and knots can be an issue I only use braid when I fishing real heavy cover or real muddy water in close distance. Fluorocarbon is good for clear water but does not have much stretch and can give you fits especially on a spinning reel, if the spool is overloaded it will jump off like an insane slinky. I think Berkley makes a mono called Smooth Cast. Also practice casting at home using a 1/4oz or 1/2oz sinker. Casting a fishing rod is like a golf swing you get better the more you practice.?

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