Back by popular demand is a video clip showing exactly why you should wait at least 10 seconds after a flounder hits a live bait like a mud minnow or finger mullet. Thanks to Jeff Kaiser of the University of Texas Marine Science Institute for helping me procure this... Read more
The Jan. 2012 edition of Texas Fish & Game contains an article written by yours truly entitled Topwater Vs. Slow Sinkers. It asks the question which of these lures is best for catching big speckled trout and gets into some strategies that combine both lures for maximum effect on... Read more
Here’s another quick tip before we take off for Christmas. Whacky worms are not something many anglers fish in ponds and when they are not often seen they can be killer even for big fish. My buddy Chris Houghton is a whacky worm fanatic and took me to school... Read more
Want pond bass? Go light pt. 3
Just a quick tip today. On highly pressured ponds fish plastics weightless and use things they have probably never seen. I have very little success on standard worms on pressured ponds but creature baits and lizards will get the job done. Lures that look lifelike but unlike what they... Read more
Another seldom discussed aspect of pond fishing is to pay strict attention to casting. Instead of making heavy over-handed casts, throw sidearm, flip or pitch to make your casts. Kevin VanDam once told me the biggest mistake anglers make is not learning to make soft landings with their lures.... Read more
I do a lot of pond fishing and during the winter it is one of my primary outdoors pursuits. There are big fish to be caught during this period and I have developed a system for catching quality fish. This will be a quick tip to get you started... Read more
Have you ever caught redfish on crab imitation lures? Crabs are the primary prey species of redfish and there are several quality redfish-based crab lures on the market but they don’t seem very popular. I have caught some bull reds on the Gulp! crab featured in the photo below... Read more