Flounder: 10-Second Rule Proven (video)

Back by popular demand is a video clip showing exactly why you should wait at least 10 seconds after a flounder hits a live bait like a mud minnow or finger mullet. Thanks to Jeff Kaiser of the University of Texas Marine Science Institute for helping me procure this amazing footage.

Chester Moore


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  1. julius figueroa

    Have been catchin flounder since early 80’s and was told by wise older fisherman,that to smoke a cigarete or drink a cup of coffee after the first thump,then set the hook.I didn’t do either of those habits,but would pull about 2to3ft.of line slack n when it went tight I knew they were hooked.
    Chester Moore videos are Great….thanks

  2. adolph e. guzman

    I have experienced that Flounder strike more aggressively in the summer months, and do the “tap-tap” thing more so in the fall, and with a less agressive strike than in the summer, and which definitely requires more patience in the Fall. (I open bail and allow them to take out line, and then only after I feel the weight, or if I feel the weight and the Flounder moving again, do I try to retrieve (I use circle hooks). What has been your experience comparing summer versus fall strikes?

    • TFG Staff

      I have not experienced the flounder strike being different in relation to summer versus fall as much as I have with changes in barometric pressure. On days with high pressure, I tend to get weaker bites (love taps if you will) than I do on days with lower or falling pressure.