Sometimes in the real world you catch some bizarre stuff. Check out this weird flounder caught by angler Kirk Blood. Have you ever caught one like this? Read more
While it has been a long time coming, it appears that regulators are final ready to require rearview cameras in all vehicles, something that was proposed in 2010 for 2014 model year vehicles. There is no reason to delay this life-saving measure. The technology has been available for more... Read more
What is your biggest bass? Don’t hold back if its not a legit monster. I just want to know what your biggest bass and celebrate the chance we all have to catch these amazing fish. Mine was a nine pound class fish caught in Mexico back in 1998. Last... Read more
At SEMA in October it was clear (no pun intended) that everyone was taking protective wrap more seriously than ever before.  There were more than a few companies touting their wrapping materials and machines for cutting film wraps for perfect fit, but only one is Texas based, and only... Read more
Want flounder? Well, they are starting to trickle into the bays and due to increasing numbers we had more than unusual in the bays this year. There is an important key for flounder most of the year and that is targeting menhaden (shad) as they are their primary forage.... Read more
Are crappie the smartest fish we deal with in Texas on a regular basis? In my opinion the answer is “no” but they are certainly near the top of the list. In fact, the researchers at Pure Fishing (producers of Abu Garcia, Berkley, etc.) list them as No. 2... Read more
While some folks continue to grumble about the bailout of the auto industry (specifically Chrysler and GM), this manufacturing segment continues to add jobs to the manufacturing landscape at an unequalled pace. The latest: 400 new spots at the Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Inc. (TMMI)in Indiana, where the Highlander, Sequoia and Sienna... Read more
Swimbaits are great for catching bass but actually one of my favorite methods for them has nothing to do with swimming. Try sight casting them to bass and let them flutter down to the fish. If the fish seems disinterested, reel it up and start slowly swimming away. I... Read more