Alabama Rig (Video)

We’ve been getting lots of questions about the controversial “Alabama Rig” that has caused such a stir in the bass fishing world. Last fall I had the honor of fishing with legend Jimmy Houston in the U.S. Reel Pro Am and he used this rig for a bit. Here’s a clip from that trip to show you more about this unique setup.


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  1. Ford

    This is SO COOL.

    Didn’t know it had a name — been thinking of ways to do this for saltwater so as to have a boat rod ready for those specks under the birds scenarios.

  2. Ford

    Rethinking the Alabama Rig.

    Very cool how the lures look like a small school of baitfish. However, one of my buds made a great point: “Why would anyone sportfishing want to catch more than one fish at a time.”

    Looks neat but it may take some of the fun out of fishing.