Biggest Bass?

What is your biggest bass?

Don’t hold back if its not a legit monster. I just want to know what your biggest bass and celebrate the chance we all have to catch these amazing fish.

Mine was a nine pound class fish caught in Mexico back in 1998. Last year I caught and released this beast in a super small public pond and it probably the favorite of my catches.


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  1. Rodney

    11.25 lb caught at high noon on July 4th, 1994 on a old H&H 3/8 Chartruese and Blue Willow leaf Spinner bait in a farm stock pond. Largest in public water was a 7.5 lb on Lake Conroe during an Ignition Team Tournamnet on October 1st, 2011 caught on a Green Pumpkin Trick worm, Shakey Head.

  2. Rodney

    Private Lake 11.25 lb July 4th, 1994 at High Noon on a Chartreuse and Blue 3/8 oz H&H Willow Leaf Spinner, Largest in Public Water Lake Conroe 7.6 lb October 1, 2011 in an ignition Team tournament on a Zoom Green Pumpkin Magic Trickworm.