This is a continuation of my March edition feature “Unattended Lines”. In that article we covered freshwater and saltwater trotlines as well as juglines. Now it is time to examine two other types of lines. Sail lines are a rarely used type of device in Texas but they are... Read more
Do you catch many trout around docks, riprap and boat launches? I have done well at night with lights attracting trout to docks but have put little effort toward these areas otherwise. What are your experiences? Any luck? Any tips? Chester Moore Read more
When Ford introduced the F-150 Platinum Edition in 2009, it became an immediate hit with truck buyers who could afford it and didn’t need the power and towing capacity of a Super Duty. This month the company introduced the big brother Platinum Edition to meet those needs, and fill... Read more
A couple of weeks ago I wrote about no fishing zones and the reality of the situation we are looking. While doing some research I found this story over at sportsmenslink.org that somehow got lost in the shuffle last fall. The National Park Service (NPS) has released a draft... Read more
What is the biggest obstacle to fishing for you? What is the one thing that keeps you from fishing or makes it difficult? Finance? Access? Distance from fishable water? Please share               Chester Moore  Read more
There are numerous companies that rate trucks for just about anything but one that evaluates some very practical traits is California-based Strategic Vision. (Yes, I know it’s Califoria, but get past it.) They have just released their 2012 evaluations for things like quality, long-term reliability, warranties, fuel economy and... Read more
Last week I had the pleasure of testing out Bomber Saltwater Grade’s killer Super Pogy. It’s a rattling crankbait that very closely resemble s a pogy/menhaden. Using crankbaits and the jetties is one of the most underestimated methods for catching big reds and I had a ball using them... Read more
TX best catfish lakes pt. 4: Texoma
It goes without saying that Lake Texoma is one of if not the best location to catch a monstrous blue catfish. It produced the “Splash”, the 121.6-pound state record bagged by angler Cody Mullenix in 2004 and continues to yield impressive catches of blues. For anglers willing to work... Read more