Anything you want to ask the Ford Truck team?

Next week I will be in Detroit to test drive the new Ford Super Duty. When manufacturers do these events for journalists they provide us with towing tests, hill climbs and a range of challenges to put these trucks through.  Generally, they also have competitive trucks for us to compare on the same course.

Ford Super Duty

I want to make you part of the process so please send me any questions about trucks — old or new — and I will be sure to cover them with the engineers, designers and management people who will be in attendance.  When the story posts, I will credit you with asking the question.  Don’t hold back.  This is your chance to be in on the interviews when it comes to performance, features and the complete range of topics.

I leave on March 8.  Tell me what you want know about this newly refreshed truck. Send your questions via the comments section.


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  1. Tom

    Four months ago, I decided to buy the truck I have always wanted. The F250 SD Diesel. It’s a 2011. So far, it’s everything I expected, with one exception. During the selling phase, I was told the exhaust filter cleaning cycle ran every 500 miles or so. That has NEVER been the case. I’ve got 7,000 miles on it, and the exhaust filter cleaning has occurred every 150-225 miles like clockwork. I average an incredible 22-23 mpg on the highway, until the cleaning cycle occurs and it plummets. Between city and hwy over the 7,000 miles I average 18.7 mpg, including an occasional trailer tow. I know I shouldn’t complain because that is good MPG for a truck this size. I’ve had it back to the dealer twice over this issue, and they have no answers. Can you PLEASE try to find out the truth about what I should expect with my cleaning cycle? I would love to get back some extra MPG. Thanks, and have fun. It’s an awesome truck to drive!

    • Linda Water Nelson

      Thanks for the question, Tom. I will be asking the engineering team about this. If you think of anything else before the 8th, please let me know. I’m delighted that you are so happy with this truck and I will let them know that, also. Expect an answer to this early the week of the 13th.
      And, you can count on it: I will have fun.