Trout around docks?

Do you catch many trout around docks, riprap and boat launches?

I have done well at night with lights attracting trout to docks but have put little effort toward these areas otherwise.

What are your experiences? Any luck? Any tips?

Chester Moore


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  1. Charles in TX

    I’ve done well around docks in canals on an incoming tide. I look for bait fish activity around the docks. This has worked for me on South Padre Island fishing some of the canals off the ICW. Fishing the bulkheads along the canals has also produced some good trout.

  2. CharlesInTX

    I’ve had good luck around docks in the canals off the ICW on South Padre out of Corpus Christi; also along the bulkheads lining the shorelines of the canals. I fish on the incoming tide and look for bait fish activity. I’ve caught trout, reds and flounder in and around the docks.

  3. Wesley Corneliud

    I have had sucess fishing near bridge pilings during an outgoing tide. The best times were during a bait migration. Where I could match the size if the
    Hatch. One time when I was being skunked I noticed the trout were feeding on dime size crabs. I baited up any small , crab that floated by and that made the difference between a goose egg and a stringer of 18 inchers.