Best fishing advice?

What is the best fishing advice you have ever received or that you can share with others?

I posed this question to four-time Bassmaster Classic Champion Rick Clunn once and his answer resonated in a big way.

“The great mistake anglers make is assuming that catching fish is a result of luck.”

That quote has become the cornerstone of my fishing philosophy as I realize what holds many anglers back is assuming skill, knowledge, focus and faith are not important elements to their angling.

What is the best you have heard or can give?

Chester Moore

The author's philosophy of fishing is summed up in his F.L.E.X. Fishing (R) system. Download the F.L.E.X. Fishing (R) manual at


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  1. Mike

    You can’t catch fish unless the baits in the water!
    Use the lightest line possible!
    The best color of plastic worm is Bubblegum!
    All combined have served me well.

  2. ronnie cundieff

    Don’t get married. Seriously though, if you feel like it, just go. Don’t worry abour the wind or conditions as long as it’s safe. Some of my best days ever occured on days that looked like they would be bad, but I went anyway. Nowadays it seems I’m always looking for an excuse not to go.

  3. Dennis Stephens

    As a young boy, an old man I respected highly told me, Son, Fishing is not about catching fish. It,s about relaxing and enjoying your time in the great outdoors. Fish are just a bonus.