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  1. Mike Berman

    Seriousleu sorry to hear that. I owned 2 Avalanches and still own one of them as a primary daily driver.

    general Motors does not know a good thing even if it hits it in the head.

    Other than the Silverado General Motors has nothing and could shut down forever, might as well.

    1. Linda Water Nelson

      Hi Mike. I agree with you that the Avalanche was special, but unfortunately the truck makers are going away from niche vehicles to ones that they believe have broader appeal. I also agree that the Silverado is very dated and they really need something fresh to tantalize GM truck buyers. That said, they have a new Silverado (and I expect a GMC) FOR 2014. It was previewed but there is an embargo date for release that prevents journalists from writing about it yet. I have begged for even a tease that I can release but they have said no. Will it be as interesting as the Avalanche? I can’t promise but so long between new trucks for them and the fact that competitors have really moved the bar forward, we can only hope.

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