Gonzo for Grinnel!

The April edition of TF&G features a story I wrote called Never Grin at a Grinnel.

I love catching big, tough grinnel and right now is a great time to catch them in East Texas.

As water levels are high in many of the creek system, many grinnel have already spawned and are defending their brood. If you see a bunch of small fish in the shallows with a larger behind it in backwaters and sloughs this time of year it is often grinnel.

Throw a Texas-rigged worm or swim a frog across the surface and get ready to get slammed.

I realize the grinnel spawn is not exactly the most sought after phenomenon in fishing but it is a good way to get bit.


Chester Moore


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  1. thad

    One thing needs to be meantioned for first timers. Grinnels have teeth, mean – nasty and very sharp teeth. Careful when removing your hook.

  2. John Erickson

    Glad to see Grinnel getting some attention. We use to catch them in ditches running in the marsh in Louisiana. As a kid we had a blast catching them on shrimp, crab, or chicken. Grandma would not cook them, so we would give them to the other elderly people in the neighborhood. A lot of great memories. Thanks.