Hang Him High

In addition to the pain and anguish the psychotic killer intentionally caused at the theater in Colorado, our embarrassing American system injustice will cause even more pain on the victims and Colorado taxpayers.

The psycho killer will most likely live until he dies of natural causes in various mental and prison institutions which will cost the taxpayers of Colorado and America millions upon millions of wasted tax dollars.

A much better and just solution would to hang him next Saturday in the Aurora city park on a global telecast and invite everyone out to watch it. I’ll perform all American justice party rock no charge.

The American death penalty process is the very definition of psychotic, except in those rejoiceful instances when it is applied at the scene of the crime by an armed victim.  Colorado has executed just one person since 1977.

At one time, American justice was swift.  It now moves at a snail’s pace if it moves at all.

Exhibit A:  President Lincoln was assassinated on April 14, 1865.  Four co-conspirators were tried and found guilty on June 30, 1865.  They were hanged just a week later on July 7th.  That was swift justice, a righteous hanging party.

Exhibit B: With the exception of mass murderer Timothy McVay who wanted to be executed, not one of the mass murderers of the last couple of decades or so has been put to death.  This isn’t justice. It’s an ugly example of justice denied.

We don’t have a justice system.  We have a bastardized legal system controlled by armies of overpaid attorneys, social scientists, various dopey do-gooders, and politicians who have put in place a bureaucratic quagmire that murders justice.

We continue to support the psychotic punks who have committed untold various slaughters in prison.  We know for absolute certainty we have the right psychos.

The mass murdering psychos get to live for decades on the taxpayer dollar while the grieving families must somehow try to put their broken lives back together.

Don’t you dare call this justice.  Call it what it really is:  a sad, pathetic joke of a legal system that would appear to have been developed by mass murderers and do-gooders.

In this age of runaway Fedzilla insanity, there isn’t a more insulting, massively bureaucratic, unresponsive, unaccountable and sad government process than how states apply the death penalty.

When a state is going to apply the ultimate punishment, it has a responsibility to make sure it has the right guy.  The Aurora Police Department has the right psycho in custody.

Put the psycho on trial, not under observation by mental health professionals.  It does not matter to me if the guy thinks he is The Joker or Jesus Christ.  There isn’t anything we can learn from this madman.

Put the psycho on trial, find him guilty, and then get a rope.  Give the psycho 24 hours to meet with his family, call Batman, have his hair colored, etc., and then hang him high in a tree in the Aurora city park and then let the buzzards have him.

It is doubtful a swift public hanging would deter other psychotics but that’s not the point.  It would affirm to Americans that the embers of justice still glow.

Regrettably, we live in an age of coddling and excuse-making. Instead of swinging from a tree, this psycho will live for many, many years.  What a damn shame.

Hang him high.  Do it swiftly.  Restore justice that for too long has been murdered by a psychotic legal system. Guilty as charged.

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  1. Wow Uncle Ted. I believe this is the calmest, most rational bit of writing I have ever read. Coming from you, that is some sort of incredible. I have loved your music from the first time I ever saw you live, back in the early 70’s, and have admired your steadfast support of our Constitution and the Second Amendment.I have been waiting to hear what you had to say about this tragedy, and thought you were going to have a long rant (which I most likely would have totally agreed with) but no, here is this entirely calm and sane opinion, which I think perfectly describes how MOST Americans feel. I know there will always be a few nut cases who will say that the killer is some sort of poor innocent young man with mental problems and should not be excecuted, but most of us want to see real justice, speedy justice, done. So what if he’s nuts? He still killed 12 human beings, young, vibrant American kids full of vitality and wonder among them. According to the laws of America he is entitled to a swift trial by his peers. OK. give him one. Do it quickly. If he is found guilty, hang thebastard, give him a lethal injection, kill him in the electric chair. I don’t care which. Just do itquickly, if he is found guilty. I haven’t been confronted by any evidence which might prove him innocent. According to the police, they are positive he is the killer, so put him on trial in a month or two in order to give the lawyers time to prove they have done their jobs and put him on public trial. Keep it public so the politicians can claim they made it transparent, and then when he is found guilty, kill him in public. I think the major reason the death penalty hasn’t made much impact on people who want to murder someone is that they have never witnessed an excecution. Make it a law that all excecutions be made as public as possible again. There is no need to make it a humane excecution. Was he humane to his victims? Make it as graphic and humiliating as possible. Maybe this will give the next creep who wants to take the life of another human being hesitate long enough to change his mind. Thanks for your frank and honest opinion Ted. God bless you. I wish we had many more Americans who think just like you.