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  1. John Pride

    Absolutely! Bill is like the stilted uncle who uses “hip lingo” like “I’m down with,,,” and “Lookin’ out for…”, but has the street smarts of… a rich guy with a God complex and no street time. I watch the guy a lot, and I like him, but he’s so focused on appearing objective on one hand, and then so passionately and completely clueless on the other, that I worry that there are Americans with no “gut” of their own, good folks who “borrow” others’ instincts. And I worry that one of those whose instincts have top ratings is my buddy, Bill O’Reilly. John Pride Chesterfield, Virginia

  2. Ryan

    Bill O’Reilly isn’t a journalist, he’s a commentator. There’s a big difference. He does, however, have a large audience and people do listen to what he says believing that his commentary is truth. As you’ve just pointed out, it’s often not.

  3. Eduardo

    WOW!! I never though I would agree with you Ted, times are changing buddy!

  4. Dennis Gee

    Bill likes to have arguments on his show, hopefully he will “man up” and invite you on so y’all can discuss his shortcomings.

  5. Tony D

    The media is in bed with the politicians. We send the politico’s up to represent us, and all they seem to do is spend an enormous amount of effort trying to take our rights away. Then, use the press to spin us up and keep us at each others throats. I wish we could add a spot on the ballet for each political position where we have the choice to “sent them home”.

  6. Mike Stansbery

    O’Reilly is a sham. His schtick is arguments. If he can’t argue, he has no position. That’s what his show is about. He did show his outright ignorance about guns and the Second Amendment in that show. What a fool. I’d love to see you Ted, go on his show and just educate him but good.

  7. RHytonen

    My sincere compliments (for advanced creativity) to anyone who can out-*cuckoo* Bill O’Reilly or anyone at FOX.

    “The Nuge” consistently and effortlessly hurdles that bar with one hand and one leg tied behind his back.

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