Continuing with our series on the capacity for largemouth bass to eats extra large prey comes an impressive clip. If you are a live bait fan, live perch is hard to beat. If you are a lure angler only, perch imitations might be the ticket. Chester Moore Read more
If there’s anything we can all agree on, it’s the fact that the current political season is chock-full of lies and deception. And unfortunately, there are also plenty of lies out there when it comes to boats. Chances are, at one time or another someone told you one of... Read more
Last week we talked about the “gape width factor” and how what determines the size of a bass’ prey is mouth size. Check out this crazy video of a huge bass eating a ground squirrel. You might want to factor some bigger lures/baits into your repertoire after seeing this.... Read more
Largemouth bass are voracious. They will literally attack and kill anything that can fit in their mouths. It doesn’t mean they will always do so because any savvy angler knows big bass can be skittish. Biologists however say the size prey bass attack say hinges on the “gape width”... Read more
If you’re like me, your favorite fishing and hunting buddies are your own kids. My two 12 year old boys join me on virtually every trip through the inlet, into the marsh, and onto the bay. But for many of us – especially new parents – boating with kids... Read more
The Texas and Louisiana coasts have lots of oyster reefs from large natural ones to small and medium-sized manmade reefs. The reefs on the south end tend to get red hot in spring but produce all year. One of the keys to fishing these reefs is to match the... Read more
My all American sonic bombast weapon of choice for fifty years has been those world class pieces or musical art, the mighty Gibson guitar. I own a stunning arsenal of them.  It wouldn’t surprise me if some Fedzillastooge from Attorney General Holder’s Department of Gunrunning Bainwasher Injustice will try and tell... Read more
Alligator garfish are lots of fun to catch. If you don’t believe me check out this clip of a Texas angler getting pulled around by a monster one in his johnboat. Awesome stuff! Give it a try. Chester Moore Read more