Tip for GIANT redfish

Want to catch the very biggest redfish in the areas you fish?

Then fish with live croaker. Big live croaker.

I have caught 26 inch redfish on 10-inch live croaker and caught 35 pound redfish on 14 inch croaker. I have never seen anything work on big reds whether you are seeking the upper end of the slot limit or catch and release fishing for bull reds. Croaker work best when fished under a Carolina rig and hooked through the mouth.

Chester Moore


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  1. Thad

    In grass mouth hooked croaker or mullet tend to “nose in” and hide in the grass.The weight of the hook an the pull of th line point them in that direction–
    Hook through the tail from underneath just back of the anal vent. The weight of the hook and line will keep the live bait orientated up– away from the grass. Works over sand or any bottom as the bait is above bottom and more visible—