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  1. Phillip Fournier

    I hear what you’re saying but I severely doubt that a James Bond movie would insinuate anything anti-gun. In fact I bet it is a big sales booster, especially for Walther and H&K.

    1. Dustin Ellermann

      Because Brits, & Hollywood liberals are so pro gun right? 😉

  2. SaltyDawg88

    I think you are on to a point here Dustin!
    You will also notice how when later in the Movie they retreated to his parents place they (The Good Guys) only had access to antiquated firearms: an old revolver, shotgun, and hunting rifle. This may be a sub-conscience message to people? The good guys won and if they can then that is all you need to defend yourself? The bad guys were the only ones who had access to modern weapons and true assault weapons. The good guys only used them once they neutralized a bad guy and took his weapon.

    Now this was a movie, and we all know that in most movies the good guys always win. The good guys always survive the ambush, the unseen atacker, and the certain death.

    Real life is not the movies! When a “Bad Guy” means to do bad, he will do so no mater where or when. The only thing you can do is be prepared, USE the right to self defense (The Second Amendment), and prepare/train to defend you and yours.

    I see more and more anti-gun propaganda in everything from TV to Websites. I do not like the way our country is going when it comes to firearms. I hope things get better before they get worse!

    1. SaltyDawg88

      Just to prove it see Bob Costa’s comments in this article:

  3. Jack Kardic

    I don’t even know why they went back to the PPK. I own a P99c like Bond carried under Brosnan and it’s a far superior firearm. Walther even made a commemorative MI-6 model.

  4. Pete Mitchell

    Mr. Ellermann, the choice of the PPK for this film was a homage to Dr. No and every Bond film up until “Tomorrow Never Dies”. The palm print reader in the grip was a homage to “License to Kill”. I won’t disagree that there was a tone of anti firearms, but this was the 50 anniversary of James Bond and “Skyfall” was a homage to the gadgets, the actors and the characters.

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