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  1. Richard Buchman

    As usual, Ted hits the nail on the head!
    All we can do is hope that they’re capable of comprehending it.

    1. Charles In TX

      If the current administration were capable of understanding it, there would be a non-partisan effort to come up with solutions, not led by VP Biden.

      Thanks Ted for your efforts.

  2. Tony

    I sure hope he invites you to the show.

  3. Ernst C

    Ted, As usual, you give common sense solutions. It’s to bad that our so-called leaders, will not use logic and reason, such as you propose, to help solve these horrific tragedies in our nation. They will continue with their gun grabbing agenda and use an emotional, knee jerk reaction to fan an anti-gun reaction in the nation. I want to wrong and that they will ask you to help them find the right solutions, but disarming law abiding citizens, gun control and gun bans and ‘gun free zones,’ which in reality are victim killing fields, are not the answer..

  4. Donnie W.

    As a classroom teacher of 17 years, I would welcome the ability to defend my students–your kids–if the need arose. Gun free zones are not the answer considering how many deaths we have occuring in them. As usual, this task force is political posturing on the part of the dominant party. Common sense does not work in DC. This will ultimately have to be decided on a state and ISD level.

  5. Greg Mead

    Perfect!!! As always.
    Thank you Ted!

  6. Mike Crognale

    Nicely reasoned and written sir. I can only hope that it actually gets to Biden but I strongly suspect that it’s already been round files by the liberal traitors on his staff.
    Nice try though,

  7. Stephen

    Amen Ted! You’re right again.

  8. Marc Falsetti

    Dead Nuts on target Ted ~ Bravo!
    But I think you lost Ol’ Joe when you said ”and to offer him (Obama) common sense recommendations that are void of a political agenda and that will actually make a meaningful difference.”
    Sorry to say these Miscreants ALWAYS have an agenda and the words
    common sense is not in their vocabulary …. Good Luck Brother!

  9. Jeff

    Shows you how little commons sense there is in the White House compared to what this man is saying, he’s right!

  10. paula adelman

    Good letter Ted. But I believe you have a better chance at getting the “Cat Scratch Fever” than havin Joe Biden pay any attention to your well thought out, and accurate letter!
    Paula Adelman

  11. RENO

    Superbly Said !

  12. Jim Reinhart


    also though I think we should have mandatory light infantry training for all High shool students 6 weeks each summer coordinated with Military Reserve Centers students would learn to protect family friends and neighbors and also be instructed in community and family values.

  13. Jon

    Hey Ted. Agree with must everything and will share your message. One question/argument. Isn’t another common thread the use of high powered automatic weapons, specifaclly the AR-15.

    I don’t know the specific history of th AR-15. But I am pretty sure this weapon was designed, built and used for war (to kill other humans fast).

    Happy holidays! I grew up in Manchester, big fan. Look forward to some feedback!

  14. Jeff Larto


    I believe this is going to fall on deaf years. Though I hope I’m wrong.

  15. Dennis

    Ted. Well said! I haven’t seen any comment on Lanzas 1st victim! His OWN Mother. Shot in the head, point blank range in her bed at home by her son with a gun SHE bought, gave training and access to it by her, but didn’t even trust him to cook his own meals at home!!!

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