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  1. Steve Haynie

    As usual, Ted Nugent tells the truth about guns. Bob Costas anti-gun statements were unnecessary and ignorant of facts. Thank you for stating the facts, Uncle Ted!

  2. Brett Holsworth

    Uncle Ted can appear as a wild-an-crazy-guy, but knows and idot (or a smart person making themselves look stupid) when he sees it, and slams them back to reality with FACTS. Any better, and he’d be in the Government. Thanks Uncle Ted!

  3. T J Lipham

    Another solid and logical comment from Ted. If we start down this slippery slope, then we will also have to govern or ban the ownership of knives, bows, baseball bats, cars, lead pipes, ropes, chains, clothing, rocks, and walls …after all.they have all been used to kill people. Can’t people see the flaws in the “ban it ” logic?

  4. BoogieMan

    I just simply do not listen to the Costas of this world. To me, a dude like Costas is a guy that believes people “really give a s***” about his opinions. I turn the channel when this dude is on the TV screen, but not quite as fast as when Obama hit’s the screen. Just plain worthless jabber jabber.

  5. Roger Tolar

    Very well said, Uncle Ted!

    Chuck for President!
    Ted for Sec.of Defense!

  6. Robert O'Sullivan

    Costas is another Liberal Left Winger who wants to control peoples lives he is the same type of Mutt like the guy in the WH

  7. Deadhorsepoint

    There is no better way to indoctrinate the public: A programmed talking head spews hatred for liberty to an audience of half intoxicated spectators (not doers)of a mindless activity on an electronic screen. I don’t think Costas is bright enough to have an opinion, but is stupid enough to be Liberal. May God save the Republic.

  8. Dennis

    I seriously doubt that Ted wants to be a Washington politician! He has far more common sense than that. Too bad though. He could certainly ROCK the World as Defense Secretary.

  9. Derek K.

    The sad thing is that when dumb people like bob talk, lots of ignorant non-gun loving people listen. And he helps shape the mind of those ignorant people. Thus filling their mind with a pile of lies. Guns dont kill people, people kill people! but we need more people like ted out there showing the responsable side of guns, and not just hunting and shotting events, But the actual ways that they have saved the lives of many people. unfortunatly costas has swayed many peoples mind by that ridiculous comment! help keep our guns our guns! Ignorance isnt bliss, its what is killing our country!

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