Countering More Propaganda – “Seized Rocket Launchers” ~ CNN Video

The outright LIES that the media keeps spewing is really getting to me.

In this CNN report on a police gun “buyback” (even thought the police never owned it in the first place, what arrogance!) the reporter keeps speaking of 2 “illegal, real rocket launchers” and “RPGs” that were “seized” while the headline flashes “Rocket Propelled Grenade Launchers in L.A.”.  Once, she actually mentions that they did not contain a real rocket.

DUH!  It’s a cool souvenir! They were empty, inert, AT4 and M72 launching “tubes”.  You could make a better weapon out of a piece of used PVC pipe rather than that leftover piece of scrap metal and fiberglass.

Yes, in Kalifornistan it is illegal to own a used, inert rocket tube, the same as it is illegal to own a blowgun or any other cool toy.  But stop misleading America by telling them we have “real rocket propelled grenade launchers” in the USA.

Furthermore, ”Security Expert” Mr. Aaron Cohen also states that they had 75 “assault rifles” turned in.  I seriously doubt it since assault rifles are fully automatic machine guns that have been restricted from civilian ownership since 1934 and have a market value of $25,000+.  Perhaps since the “rocket launchers” were just fiberglass and sheet metal, the “assault rifles” were really just airsoft guns.

Stop the anti-gun propaganda.  Please.

Original Flawed Story

Buy your own souvenirs:

AT4 Inter Tube – $155+

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  1. Shawn McFarland

    We should make California secede from the union!! Then all the gun Nazis can move to the gun free utopia! Feinstein can be their President!

  2. Charles In TX

    My understanding is that the two rocket launchers in the LA buyback had been rendered impotent, just like the two Dustin has the links for.

    Their description states “It has been demilled and cannot be made active ever again. It is strictly a display piece…”

  3. Randall Dunning

    The AT-4 MAW rocket launcher and the M-72 LAW launcher are one time fire weapons. In fact, the tube is not classified as a weapon, which is why they turn up in military collector swap fests and surplus stores. The missile, not the tube, is the weapon. This whole report is, basically, a poisonous lie to create hysteria. What else do you expect from CNN?

    Now as to the gun buybacks, we now are seeing a taxpayer funded fencing operation where the government purchases firearms for a fraction of their real value. There is nothing to stop thieves from steeling guns and then fencing them through the government gun buy back. The other major source of gun buybacks that my investigation has turned up is disgruntled spouses selling the other spouse’s weapon as an act of revenge.

  4. Michael Clouser

    It’s too bad ignorant people keep voting against there own best interest here in California. This state is run by government unions who elect democrats who will get them more money and benefits for themselves. There are probably more gun owners and NRA members in California than most states, except Texas of course. Some of the shooting sports originated here and are leaving because of the abusive laws. I suspect some of those weapons I have seen them display from this recent buy back are bogus. I believe the police departments have gotten these from there own evidence rooms and put them on display. No one, criminal or otherwise would trade in those uzis and ar’s worth several hundred to over a thousand dollars for a gift certificate up to 200$ to a grocery store.

  5. James Stevens

    Duh! How many criminals showed up to turn in their guns? Most of these guns were relics and inoperative. An assault weapon is a device that is fully automatic. They have also been banned since 1934. I have never seen one go for less than 20 Grand at a trade show or private buy. What makes you think someone will just turn over $25 grand for the good cause. Kalifornistania has been out of control for the last 20 years. They are dead broke and folks are bailing by the thousands daily.
    Like a sinking ship full of Norwegian Dock rats. jws tx

    • Michael Clouser

      “An assault weapon is a device that is fully automatic’

      Wrong. An “assault weapon” is a bogus phrase made up by gun grabbers, and used by the left wing media so much it’s everywhere. In fact, “assault rifle” became more popular after the gun control groups picked it up. It,s just a rifle. And not a “device”. They don’t need any help spreading there propaganda.
      Dock Rat.