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  1. Texican

    Love the looks of the truck love the options mentioned lets hope ford release itmas is except for one thing THE NAME OMG THE NAME

    1. Linda Water Nelson

      I posted a reply in the comments section. Please check it out and see if I answered your question.

  2. Linda Water Nelson

    Hi, Texican. I suspect that they would go with F-150, F-250 and so on. They might make it an Atlas Edition, like they do the Platinum or King Ranch, but I think you are safe about the name.

  3. Johnny

    Did they give the expected MPG

    1. Linda Water Nelson

      Saw it again yesterday at Chicago Auto Show. very exciting. Since it is a concept they don’t assess for fuel efficiency, but it did have all the features in a fine package. It is proto for 2015 so there is lots of time for more info to filter out.

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