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  1. David Smith

    We are doomed!

  2. Alden

    Is the seller in California???

    Because searching “Magpul” brings up 3680 items, most of which would fit this description.

  3. Mario C.

    It really saddens me that this is what this country has come to, where we cannot speak our minds, or even try to add some comic relief to a situation. The twisted government, and those entities who bow down and support these narrow minded people go against every principle our country was founded and built on. We escaped this several hundred years ago, only to fall back into this socialist regime once again!!! It saddens me and I weep for our future! May God protect us and have mercy on us…. MC

  4. David

    I saw this when Dustin posted it on Facebook. I was enjoying the comedy gold that the Q&A had to offer when they deleted the listing when I tried to get to the last page. It’s sad when a word over takes common sense. It was a rock, nothing more. It was advertised as a rock. A rock is a rock eBay.

    Any bets on the proceeds going to the NRA helped their decision?

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