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  1. Aaron Spuler

    Good call Dustin. I’ve been an NRA member for years. Just joined the following organizations a moment ago:

  2. AmericanIcon

    Not all ‘gun rights’ (not that ‘guns’ have ‘rights’, people do – until they stop exercising them) groups are created equal. Choose at least one national and one state group, but know whether you’re joining a ‘golfers with guns shooting organization’ or one with a demonstrated history of fighting for your rights (and preferably winning). If you can afford to, join effective organizations in other states – any competent legislator receiving mail or email from out of state is going to be concerned with ‘why am I being watched, who do they know that votes in my district, and how much tourist money are they responsible for?’

  3. TD


    I would like your input on the ammo supply. Maybe a blog post or something. Anyway, I am not a conspiracy theorist at all, which is part of the reason I have not been stocking up on ammo over the last couple of years. Over the past couple of years, some close friends have told me to starting buying an extra box here and there, but I didn’t do that because it is ridiculous to think anyone would have the nerve to ever try to infringe our rights–much less be able to accomplish it. Well, I ran very low on a few calibers this past week and started going to stores. I may be the last patriotic American to realize this, but it seems there is a very real ammo shortage. I cannot even find 22LR for my son for goodness sake. I admit this makes me a little nervous. I’ve started thinking I might be becoming one of those “conspiracy nuts”. I cannot even find an online seller that has common calibers in stock. I’ve read that the shortage based on backorders could last 12 months?? It occured to me that gun control could be as simple as making it impossible for us to get rounds. A baseball bat makes a better club than a rifle. Please tell me this is just a very temporary glitch caused by a run on ammo supplies?? Do you have any insight? What the heck is going on? When this shortage passes, I guarantee I am going to stock up (that still sounds crazy paranoid to me). Thanks for your input, and please tell me I am just being paranoid in my old age.

    1. Dustin Ellermann

      Hey TD, there may be a couple on conspiracies out there but ammo shortage isn’t one of them. The ammo shortage is due to fear of the coming ban/restrictions/infringements on our rights. Everything was pretty normal (normal as the past 4 years anyhow) until the Newtown mess. The week after the massacre almost every AR15 was sold as well as all the ammo. The armed citizens of this country do not trust the government and are buying accordingly. And sadly, yes, it is too late for you to find anything. There was the normal shipment that came in a few days after the buyout, but that was gone within a few hours. There will be a small supply dribbling into stores, but at times it won’t even make it into a discount outlet like Academy or Walmart because I’ve heard stories of gun shop owners purchasing the entire pallets before they even unload it from the truck. This will go on for months even if we escape infringing legislation, and possibly years for as you yourself stated that you will now stock up. That mentality will continue for several months into the future even as supply attempts to return. I was paying attention after Obama’s first election and ammo was scarce, but it wasn’t near as bad as this scare. That lasted for about 6-8 months. It is sad indeed.

  4. TD

    Dustin, I thought I posted this question last week, but maybe I forgot to hit post. Anyway, I’m hoping for a little advice. With this ammo and gun-control scare in full swing, I realize that I long ago should have bought an AR and/or a rifle that shoots readily available military/surplus ammo–assuming either of those are still options.

    Anyway, with so many in the AR game now, can you recommend a few of the good manufacturers and perhaps ones to stay away from? And next would be the caliber. I’m thinking 5.56 might be the way to go as I understand a 5.56 will also shoot .223 but not vice versa. If you think other calibers should be considered I would appreciate your thoughts on that as well.

    Any thoughts on a rifle that would handle military/surplus ammo?

    Thanks again!

    1. Dustin Ellermann

      TD – It’s a little late to get in the AR game, so at the moment, if you find ANYTHING around $1,000 get it. Most all manufactures are decent quality and pre mid-December the rule of thumb is you get what you pay for, but after so much the improvement is very costly for little return. For instance, most ARs go around $1,000, pay twice that much and you get about a 10% increase in quality – not worth it for the average shooter.

      In 5.56 vs 223 – get the 5.56. Most are that caliber anyway. But check the barrel/chamber for that indication, not the lower receiver.

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