SHOT Show Day 4

Remote gyro-stabilized weapon systems, triple barrel shotguns, 50 round juggernaut magazines, red dot mounted Sigs, precision bullpup rifles, and muzzleloading AR15s.

Fun SHOT Facts:
Over 1,600 vendors
Over 12.5 miles of tables
Over 60,000 folks attended in 2011
Puts over $65,000,000 into the local economy.

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  1. Larry

    Dustin, did you talk to any ammo or firearm manufactures about delivery of products. You cannot find a box of 22 LR ammo anywhere much less most popular rifles or handguns. Is everyone waiting to see where federal legislation falls before they start manufacturing again? I remember ammo shortages 4 years ago but nothing like this. Any idea what to expect.

    Thanks, LG

    • Dustin Ellermann

      Larry- manufactures are cranking out ammo 24/7 now more than ever. Customers are also buying it at record levels. Everyone is “scare buying” for defense, liberty and fear of legislation. I know Federal took orders from distributors totaling over $2 billion and are back ordered until 2015. It will be months before you will see even a hint of normal supply again.