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  1. Zach

    That triple threat just looks sexy.

  2. Roger

    Great updates, Dustin. Love your pic with the drum mags. Hilarious!

  3. Larry

    Dustin, did you talk to any ammo or firearm manufactures about delivery of products. You cannot find a box of 22 LR ammo anywhere much less most popular rifles or handguns. Is everyone waiting to see where federal legislation falls before they start manufacturing again? I remember ammo shortages 4 years ago but nothing like this. Any idea what to expect.

    Thanks, LG

    1. Dustin Ellermann

      Larry- manufactures are cranking out ammo 24/7 now more than ever. Customers are also buying it at record levels. Everyone is “scare buying” for defense, liberty and fear of legislation. I know Federal took orders from distributors totaling over $2 billion and are back ordered until 2015. It will be months before you will see even a hint of normal supply again.

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