Backwards Optic on AR15 – NY SWAT or Hollywood?

We are accustomed to gun bloopers in Hollywood movies, 6 shot revolvers that blast 27 rounds without reloading and Glocks that “cock” as if a single action.  Backwards optics are also an occasional sighting, but when a major taboo ends up being one of a supposed “trained professional” serving an anti-gun state, it’s somewhat amusing.

Here is an image captured from a SWAT stand off in New York this past week:

SWAT Team Member with S&W M&P15 and backwards mounted EOTech Optic

The backwards mounted EOTech closeup – at least it’s cowitness!


The correct way to mount an EOTech, photo courtesy of LaRue Tactical

And for your further amusement, what’s wrong with the below picture? (click here for answer)


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  1. Roger Tolar

    I don’t see a problem with the photo. I load my magazines backwards all the time, as long as you load the rounds backwards, it’s no problem….JK! Hahahahaha. That’s hilarious.

  2. HSR47

    I’ve seen the argument made elsewhere that the photo of the female officer shows the rifle loaded properly, with an additional loaded magazine adhered to it.

    Given the fact that it would take a large degree of effort to insert a magazine backwards, that the magazine appears to be too long, and that the grooves on the magazine(s) do not appear to line up near where the magazines meet the receiver, I must say that I find this argument convincing.

  3. B Young

    I scaled the picture and it IS in backwards. You can put a mag in backwards and in the gun I tried if you rocked the mag in place it will go in about 1/2 inch and held firm by friction I even smacked the hand gaurd a couple times and the mag did not fall out. Fit so tight it took the finish off the front side of the mag. Not defending the operater just saying Murphy’s law can not be defeated.