Dozens of ATF Agents Raid FPS Russia’s Home

If you have kept up with the popular YouTube Channel FPS Russia you know that he does some pretty crazy stuff with guns and explosions.

Seems that the ATF took a fancy to him as well for this past Tuesday nearly 40 agents descended upon his father’s property in Georgia in a raid searching for “illegal explosives”. [full story]

FPS Russia blowing stuff up like always

ATF spokes Richard Coes declared ”The claim is that he was using explosives and getting paid for it via YouTube,” Coes said.

No arrests were made and seemed that FPS is still active on twitter so it looks as if it all ended well for him.

I have personally shot a video with FPS Russia for a Top Shot promotion and I’ll admit he does like his explosions.  Just for kicks they blew half a round bale of hay to kingdom come with a box of leftover “InTheRedExplosives” – a completely legal binary compound commonly referred to as “tannerite”.  A bit excessive?  Maybe.  Illegal and warranting a raid?  No.

We shot a little video together to for a Top Shot Season 4 Promo

I’ve even used some of these targets myself at the Youth Marksmanship Camps.  Does this mean our kids camp be raided soon?  These are the 3 oz rimfire targets in this video:

Get some exploding targets for yourself with a 15% discount by using “topshotdustin” as a promo code at  Maybe you can meet a real live ATF SWAT Team soon!


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  1. pjustice

    Wow, seems kinda crazy now the way the government can just get away with anything,…rediculous!

  2. Charles In TX

    When you want to have a totalitarian government then you need a gestapo type police force, so no surprise here.

    Just wait until a national disaster occurs and Obama gets to call out his armed youth corps. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

  3. Randy in TX

    The Second Amendment exists to allow us to protect ourselves from criminals and our own government, provided it is possible to tell the difference between the two.

  4. RSM

    Those who exchange liberty in the name of security deserve niether.

    Both quotes by our founding fathers.