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  1. Tom

    I can start doing without Ebay.

  2. Mario Campisano

    The most absurd thing I have ever heard, but, hey, it’s the liberal eBay clowns!!!! Time to pull the plug on the account!!! I’m done with them!!!!

  3. Glenn

    Not to defend feebay but they might of removed it because he listed it as and autographed picture but then later added the information that it was a preprint. Autographs are actually signed by the celeb, those items were actually in the celebrities hands. I preprint is just a copy…the “autograph” is part of the picture. In other words; its a fake, just a celeb endorsed fake. Preprints fetch about the price of what the plain photo would…like $10-15. Real autographs of A-list celebs fetch hundreds. If he didn’t say that it was a preprint in the original listing then it was a fraudulent auction. If that was in the original auction then sue feebay. He wasn’t selling a gun and ebay has no right to dictate how much an auction goes for or what he does with the money.

    1. Dustin Ellermann

      Looks like that wasn’t the case Glenn. See the update above.

      1. Glenn

        Would like to see the email ebay sent. They can’t dictate what he spends the money on. He probably can’t but he should get a lawyer.

        Ebay needs a good lawsuit, they have gotten to big. I used to sell alot on there but then they created so many unfair rules for sellers. Dictating what you could charge for shipping, sometimes it was less than the actual cost. Then they said if you have multiple items you could only list one at a time. Then they bought Paypal and made it the only source of payment you may accept. The list goes on and on. There fees can be as high as almost 20% of the items sell price.

        There requirement to accept paypal only is so they can charge another fee and is an unfair business practice it should have brought a lawsuit from the government but didnt. I rarely sell on there anymore. Sellers should get a huge class action suit going.

  4. Steve T.

    Too funny! Now there are numerous preprint autographed photos on Ebay with various titles such as “Ebay hates Freedom!” and “I need to buy ammo!” One even donates 20% of the auction to the NRA! Awesome!

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