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  1. Tony


    I know this post is a little late on this topic, but I am considering some kind of Navionics-type card for my GPS/Fishfinder. I want something that is going to show me at least some of the known reefs/shell/structure locations that you can find on those paper maps you buy at Academy. I looked on the Navionics website at their products, and it looks like all they show are bottom contours. Any recommendations on this?


    1. LRudow

      Hey – the latest Navionics chips will show you contours as well as charter reefs and wrecks – it’s a good investment. If you want to get really techy, you can even use Navionic Platinum with SonarCharts, which allows you to get into the UGC world of fishing-oriented chartography. Check it out at it’s very nifty stuff!

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