Anti-gun Facebook Rejects My Picture

I’m always sharing pictures of cool gear and what not on my Facebook page and recently I posted a photo of my LaRue Tactical PredatAR that I use for 3 Gun competition loaded with an X Products 50-round drum mag.  Nick at X Products thought this was cool and tried to “promote” the picture by clicking and paying a small fee.  Facebook replied with this rejection:

Hi Nick,
One or more of the posts you promoted don’t meet our guidelines and have not been approved.
Your post is still visible on your Page but will not be promoted. Your account was not charged for ads that weren’t approved.
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We do not allow ads for ammunition, firearms, Paintball guns, BB guns, or other weapons, including but not limited to: knives, daggers, swords, bows, arrows, knuckle dusters, and nunchucks.

Before resubmitting your ad, please visit our Help Center at the link below:

This will provide additional information and examples that are compliant with our advertising guidelines.

If you have read the guidelines in the Help Center but feel that your ad is compliant and was wrongly disapproved, please write in to us at
For more information, please read our Terms of Use and Advertising Guidelines.

The Facebook Ads Team


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  1. Dennis

    One more reason why I do not use Facebook! Never have and never will support this anti-gun website! Think twice before YOU do!!!

  2. Randy

    Failbook strikes again. The people running Failbook litterally reek of human stupidity when it comes to firearms.