Tuesday Tip: Ribbonfish/not good!

Ribbonfish are a pain.

These strange-looking predators will rarely take a hook but they will kick up baitfish just like speckled trout do. If you see ribbonfish chasing baitfish make a couple of casts just incase trout are below them and then leave. You are wasting your time. The vast majority of the time when the big ribbonfish are in the bays they don’t hang out with trout.

That is unless the trout are after them.

If you see smaller ribbonfish jumping out of the water, by all means stop and fish. Big trout love ribbonfish and will target them with great focus. Pay extra attention when glassing across the bay for birding action because you can waste a lot of time seeking out trout when ribbonfish are what is kicking up the baitfish. Pay close attention to those flashes of silver.

What is your experience fishing around ribbonfish?

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  1. TD

    Learning to fish the bays? I fish most often now in West Galveston Bay. I’ve been at it for two years now, and I am struggling to find the fish on a regular basis. I’m moderately succesful about 20-30% of the time. I do not get to fish often, so I want to make the most of it. I come in with zilch but often see others at the cleaning tables. Obvioulsy I am doing somethign wrong. I try to find the greenest water and target structure like reefs or shell, but I am clearly still missing something.

    Other than making numerous trips out with a guide to try to figure out what I am doing wrong, do you have any recommendations? Any books that may help? Any ideas would be appreciated.