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  1. TD


    I am reading your series on building your own AR and waiting for the next installments. I have been wanting an AR for a while, but I don’t want to spend $1,500+ for one out of the box and the ones you find in Academy just do not overwhelm me with confidence about quality. I have abandoned hope on finding reliable reviews on the internet because it seems there is little consistency in opinions. If I am going to spend over $1,000 for a rifle, I want it to be reliable and accurate, so I continue to pass on the offerings from Academy and similar places. I am no stranger to guns having grown up with them, but I get utterly lost in my research about the pros/cons of various components in the ARs when trying to compile a list of what I really need in an AR. Are you by any chance going to provide a parts list as part of your series? I am excited about the notion of building my own, but I just do not know where to begin.

    Thanks, again!

    1. Dustin Ellermann

      Hi TD, thanks for reading! I was refraining from making a boring detail list in the articles, but that would be a good plan for the blog! I’ll work on that for you in the coming weeks. In the meantime, I know has some good guides for you. Thanks!

      1. TD

        Thanks, Dustin! I will check out and also watch for your list. Since I am full of great ideas, how about a Dustin Ellermann Build-Your-Own AR weekend camp?? πŸ™‚ I’m sure you would get lots of takers! Something to squeeze in with all your spare time, right?

        Thanks, again, Dustin.

        1. Dustin Ellermann

          Sounds like a neat idea! I’ll add that to the “To Do” list πŸ™‚

  2. Randall Dunning

    Dustin, how do you like the 458 SOCOM? It appears to me to be a love it or hate it chambering. I have been intrigued for some time and have considered obtaining an upper. What is your opinion of the felt recoil, time to reestablish sight picture, and the accuracy of quick followup shots. It seems to me to be a pig gun supreme and a good thumper for those tactical situations when you have to destroy materials yet find the big 50 just a little much.


    1. Dustin Ellermann

      Randall after my ballistics test comparing the 458, 308 and 223 I’m really liking the 458, it had amazing penetration and power. Follow up shots were definitely slower than 223 or even 308, but the point is that you shouldn’t have to “follow up” any shots πŸ˜‰ If it wasn’t for the $5 a round ammo I’d probably keep the rifle, I’m just too cheap to want to use this. I’ve put down plenty of hogs with a .223 to “need” this. However, if I had a .458 suppressor…

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