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  1. Tony

    I share your thoughts on ” How in God’s good name could it possibly matter to any thinking person how our fellow hunters go about killing their legal allotment of surplus game?” Only I ask this question about Catfish. Catfish, being able to be caught on rod and reel, handline, jugline, trotline and even by hand, but cannot be shot by bowfising. I don’t understand, if held by the same length and bag limits, why not allow us bowfishermen to take catfish? We can take a limit of catfish by any other means, why not with archery gear?

  2. byron

    I couldn’t agree more uncle Ted. And I also beilive that the ones writing these down trodden comments about peoples hunting practices are quite possibly the underdeveloped “soft headed” animal rights wackos.
    @ Tony, the only reason I can think of is that it would seem quite hard to distinguish between a catfish 11″ and 12″ underwater and once a fish is arrowed its pretty much doomed. That would be my only thought. I would love some other insight on the subject also.

  3. Tony

    Byron, your logic is spot on. However, there is a law against taking a 11″ catfish just as there is a law against taking a 12″ buck in most of our counties. If you fear it’s too close to call, leave it and find a bigger one. Why penalize a good sportsman for the actions of a poacher?

  4. stan pace

    tell em ted. I read every article you write that I come across. I am a straight up sharp stick hunter, no stands no food, I love the challenge of bringing the critter inside the 55 yrd range. strictly the incidental situation. walk and stalk, this makes my blood boil.


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