Top Shot Season 5 Announced – “ALL STARS” [video]

Top Shot returns for an ALL STAR SEASON Wednesday, May 29 at 9c.

This time, it’s all about skill. No teams. No nomination range. Politics and alliances are a thing of the past. Returning TOP SHOT champions Iain Harrison, Chris Reed, Dustin Ellerman and Chris Cheng will also take part in the All-Star season. Colby Donaldson returns as host. Get ready for the brand new season by checking out the sneak peek below:

It’s been a while since the Top Shot 4 aired in February 2012 and many fans were wondering if History tucked tail like Discovery did after the Newtown murders.  My assumption was that since Top Shot gets a poor time slot late in the evenings it would be wise for it to air in the summer when school-aged kids would be able to watch the show live (DVR doesn’t count for ratings).  Seems that was true and we will see who becomes the champion of season 5!

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  1. Randy

    My big disappointment was there whasn’t a season 5 where Dusty could be a Champion Expert. I hope you smoked the competition.

    My Ranking of the previous winners based on my watching of all the shows:

    1. Dustin Ellerman
    2. Iain Harrison (very active over last few years – skills high)
    3. Chris Cheng (a dangerous guy to underestimate)
    4. Chris Reed