Tuesday Tip: Beware the gafftop!

Another fish that can mess up an angler’s day are gafftopsail catfish.

They work shrimp and shad just like trout do and will have birds flocking around and picking out the escapees. If you pull up to bird action and your first cast yields a gafftop go elsewhere (unless you’re into gafftops. They are good to eat). They will sometimes run with the trout but usually the trout have enough sense not to run with them.

Would you want that much slime in your vicinity?


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  1. Dennis

    Whoa! I grew up on the Gulf coast and we were always excited to catch big gafftop! Their excellent to eat, and they fight like a bull dog. So all you picky, sport fishing clowns can kiss my grits! I’ll be eating lots of delicious catfish filets while you chase after the little spec’s that don’t feeze worth a damn! I fish so I can eat’um and enjoy the outdoors!

  2. Dennis

    Thank you Tony! Young anglers love to catch fish! Their excited smiles are heart-warming to me and my three sons loved to catch fish. Any Fish! Not long ago, one of my grandsons helped Grandpa out filling my limit of red snapper. He was excited and I was proud of him. What a wonderful day that was. He even caught the biggist one.