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  1. Michael Sawall

    EPA, IRS, NHTSA, DOJ – any of them are no longer trustworthy as standard bearers, having been politicized and mobilized to punish, instead of be guardians of the public. Even the ACLU doesn’t trust the gummint.

    1. Linda Water Nelson

      Thanks for writing me. NHTSA is a particular thorn in so many peoples’ side. Even those who don’t put all government agencies into one ugly barrel. I applauded Chrysler’s decision to stand up to these yahoos. I have been at two car manufacturers’ events with lots of journalists and everyone is delighted that Chrysler showed some spine. It will be interesting to see what happens next since they have pledged to hold their ground. Since there is so much crap going on, I can see why people feel as you do. Write me again anytime.

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