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  1. Al Del Vecchio

    Shoot the trash and move on.

  2. steve

    Wow that cops deserves a free coffee. Way to go. That is a hero and proper use of a firearm.

  3. North

    I’m glad he got what he deserves, but there still needs to be stricter guidelines because he could of had a gun to her throat instead of a knife.

    1. Jon1911

      What?!? What do guns have to do with this other than the fact that the cop shot him? Go take your anti-gun BS elsewhere.

    2. Dustin Ellermann

      Sure stricter guidelines…. Since he obviously ignored the guidelines to not murder or kidnap…

      I bet you voted for obama too huh?

    3. Ben

      You ma’am or miss are the reason people irritate me. This had nothing to do with guns and yet you bring them up. as one of the other people replied to you. take your anti-gun bull crap somewhere else please.

    4. Tom

      Please tell me how strickter guidelines would have prevented this. He could have had a gun. So strickter gun control would have prevented this, are you KIDDING ME. He broke the law with the knife. More Gun control would not have stopped him from having a gun. Every mas shooting in this country over the last several years (except for 1) was all in No Gun Zones. Law said you can’t take a gun in there. Why don’t we must make 10,000 more gun laws, better yet lets Band guns %100 percent from people then only the Bad guys will have guns you MORON.

      1. Dustin Ellermann


    5. sam

      Yes! A new Law! Because this man would have abided by a new law!
      Think about it people.

    6. Scott

      He could have had a gun? You are a special kind of stupid aren’t you. Just as bad as the mental midgets that bring up the race card. Geeez

  4. george

    Guess the race… One less welfare recipient on the streets.

  5. fazle

    I am not at all suprised – after all, he was a darkie. :fade to black:

  6. John

    What does race have to do with this? There is only one race, the HUMAN race. Someone needs to stop reading Darwin.


  7. umadbro

    Blacks commit murder at a rate of 7 times more than whites. which is astounding considering less than 13% of the population is black, and whites are close to 80%, not too mention blacks also make up almost half of the prison population. Race has to do a lot with crime, crime prevention, and crime solving But i’m a racist for pointing it out because were all just a “human race” and our cultural backgrounds, ethnicity and physical race, have nothing to do with who we really are, right? Personally I don’t believe all that PC crap, crime is a problem and if one sect of ppl are constantly commiting more crimes it should be investigated.

    1. Randall Dunning

      Look to entitlement mentality not to skin color. Here you will find a better answer to this troubling question.

      BTW, I think we need to start calling street crime: “Freelance Socialism”.

  8. John

    I’m not saying anything about wether or not we should profile when dealing with crime, I’m merely trying to respond to the two comments before my first that are clearly not objective to the situation, but instead triggered more by the amount of pigment in a persons skin. Acts 17:26 We are all one blood and created equal in God’s eyes. It’s not PC, it’s treating everyone equally.

    This guy got what he deserved, and I would have not hesitated to take anyone out who is holding my child hostage, no matter how much pigment is or isn’t in their skin. I don’t wish anyone harm and I respect anyone’s life, but when you make a choice to do something like this, you should consider the possible consequences before choosing.


  9. Dennis

    Adam Lanza! Also Mentally ill and WHITE!!! How about Colorado? Need I go on!

  10. Bernard

    An awful situation, but a brave and timely action by the officer.

  11. Dion

    That cop had some balls, what a hero, Need more like that one.

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