Video: Ted Nugent on the Trayvon Martin Case and the Stand Your Ground Law

Texas Fish and Game Editor-at-Large Ted Nugent sounds off on the Zimmerman/Martin case.

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  1. RD

    Street thug wannab Martin learned that beating down an armed man is a really, REALLY bad plan.

  2. MP Crosson

    I totally disagree. Zimmerman called in FOUR DIFFERENT 911 calls, all because there was someone black walking the neighborhood. (All of whom turned out to live there!) Saying there was nothing racist is complete total horseshit. He is a racist asshole who PURSUED and confronted an innocent black kid with the intent to kill him.

  3. Justin

    I agree with Uncle Ted. The situation was not about race until the media took over. I don’t care who you are or what color you are but if you are walking by my house and seem suspicious, I want to know what you are doing. You if you are not more suspicious of people after recent burglaries then you must live in a fairy tale land.