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  1. Don Zaidle

    I say sue the bastards.

  2. Janky

    Sorry Dustin, that sucks. Keep up the good work and ignore their propaganda. The more popular you get, the more they will attack you.

  3. Michael leaf

    Ridiculous pandering. The huge study that the CDC just conducted found that people who owned guns were less likely to be victims.

    And why does everyone think that purchasing a firearm should be harder than purchasing a firearm? Driving is a privilege, not a right, and felons can legally drive all day long. Owning a firearm is a right, and felons cannot legally obtain one ever again.

    How bout fixing the issues we already have and enforce the laws we already have that everyone just seems to forget about…

  4. Tom Blue

    Count it all joy brother! You are strategically placed to carry the banner of truth to a new generation. The enemy is going to take his shots but no weapon formed against you will prosper and the pit that they dig for you, they themselves will fall into.

  5. Rod156

    Dustin, Our enemies will always twist the truth into lies and use it as propaganda against a fringe portion of our populace who would choose to believe lies before the truth. Hitler said that if you tell a lie loud enough and often enough, people will believe it. Well, I know the truth and I don’t have to watch Al Jezeera to know it.

  6. Nolan King

    They call that rural?! I live in a truly rural area, and we don’t have those problems. Maybe they should check their facts first.

  7. Ronnie Cundieff

    Keep in mind the connection to Al Gore. Gore received massive financing from from left wing sources to create Current TV, which proceeded to be a dismal business failure and lost millions of dollars broadcasting leftist propaganda. Then Al Jazeera swept in and bought Current TV for millions more than it was worth. Now this. So do you think a Muslim television network has an interest in destroying our 2nd amendment?

  8. GasNBullets

    Hey, you famous worldwide!!!! Don’t sweat it. It’s much like atheists who use bits and pieces of scripture out of context, means absolutely nuthin! I think you officially need to rock Infidel on your AR now! Anyone who has been on al jezeera gotta rock the Infidel!

  9. Randy

    Leftists and Islamists lie, lie all the time, and even lie when truth would serve.

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