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  1. John S

    One of the ways we train our young Soldiers is to “think like the enemy”. That means, as you’re walking along on a patrol, you’re looking at the terrain, thinking, “If I were to ambush someone, that’s where I would do it from”…

    So, think like a criminal for a second. Where can you ambush or terrorize / rob the maximum number of helpless victims? A business with a “Gun Free Zone” sign up, where a law-abiding citizen that doesn’t want a felony arrest on their record (and therefore no more ability to own firearms) will not enter, or somewhere that you don’t know for sure that one or more (or even *all*) of the would-be victims are “packing”? A criminal is going for the easiest score, not the one that *might* cost their life…

  2. Ron G

    It seems like no one wants to hear that, we have always, now and forever will, on this earth, live with evil people. To turn a blind eye and apply a sticker to the door that says you cannot defend yourself here is ludicrous. Being hurt or killed by an evil person, when you can defend yourself is not glorious, nor is it a martyr.
    The people that post such lunacy on their doors are nothing more than ideological idiots, attempting to control something they cannot, at the expense of others well being. In the real world, they are the ones that get everyone hurt!

  3. Dennis

    If You were a Bad Guy, which store would YOU choose?—(A) “Gun Free Zone” OR (B) Concealed Carry Welcome Here!—–Think about it!

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