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  1. Casey Taylor

    The 1500 (and similar size trucks among Dodge competitors) is too large a body for the new engine. The truck simply doesn’t need to be that big. Twenty-five mpg is fine, but why should anyone buy that when Ford offers a similar truck that gets thirty with cheaper gasoline? Shave off 1,000 lbs and reduce the wind signature, though…
    Trucks have ballooned in size in the last 15 years and the automakers need to shrink them back down. The V6 EcoDiesel engine would fit nicely in the mid-size Dakota body. Paired with full-time AWD, the new style would appeal to the broad segment of the population that would initially buy or return to trucks if the magic algorithm of mileage, traction, size, and towing made sense to them. Right now, it simply doesn’t. Stateside automakers need only look at the sale and resale numbers of German diesels, particularly VW and Audi wagons, to see that there is a thirsty market to be exploited.

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