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  1. Criss Morgan

    The tip about liquid electrical tape is a good one. The product I use to protect as many electrical wire splices and other connections where feasible is the Plastic Dip you can buy at any hardware store. Many people use this product to give hand tool’s handles, such as pliers, a plastic coating that makes them easier to grip. Plastic Dip remains flexible even in cold weather and I have never had it get brittle enough to break. It has great wear resistance too. It also comes in several colors for the people who like a neater look and to have the dip be the same color as the wire. I suggest you dip wires in boats in use in salt water environments twice instead of the usual once, just to give a little added protection. I have never had problems with wire connections dipped in this stuff, even in high vibration areas. When I built my shop, I covered every wire nut and connection with it and have never regretted it. You also have the added benefit of all the other uses other than electrical connectors.

  2. film polyimide

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