Skeet Reese and his rods (video)
The second all-time Bassmaster money winner Skeet Reese talks about his line of affordable rods through Wright & McGill. Read more
eginning with this entry, I will start producing quarterly product reviews and recommendations for flounder anglers. These are products I have personally used, abused and tested in the field and I know will work great for flounder fishing applications. Penn Conquer 4000 Spinning Reel: I fish spinning reels almost exclusively... Read more
Gear Video: Rattlin’ rig for trout
Steve Walko of Texas Rattlin’ Rig shows off his rattling innovation for speckled trout. Read more
Let me begin this by saying: there is no such thing as a bad new truck in 2013. Whether you are committed to Ram, Silverado, GMC, Ford or Tundra, you will find the latest offerings are loaded with performance, aesthetic, electronic or any of a hundred different features. You... Read more
I was recently working on an article for Boats.com on three stupid ways people sink their boats, and one of these dumb disasters can come into play each and every time people leave the dock. I’m talking about trim. How the heck could trimming your boat lead to sinking... Read more
Crazy Fast Deer Skinning – 1 minute 48 seconds [VIDEO]
Quite impressive: Read more
The Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association (SEMA) Show is the official toybox for truck lovers, truck owners and for the industry that does everything it can to create intrigue. The 2013 Show in Las Vegas later this month will be no exception, particularly if General Motors has their way. The... Read more
Rick Clunn on crankbaits (video)
Watch this and learn. Rick Clunn is without question the Jedi Master of crankbaits. Read more