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  1. OL AG '89


    It would REALLY be cool if you gave away one of these flashlights to the first person to post a comment on your story.
    I have been carrying a 5 D Cell Maglite for 25 years and I love it, but this little POWERFUL light looks awesome. May be on the Christmas list for the Wife and Kids this year!!

    1. Dustin Ellermann

      That would be awesome lol! And yeah, you totally need to ditch that maglite. I always tell it like this: When I was a kid, maglites were the best, then as a teen I jumped on the “Surefire” bandwagon, but as an adult, I found Elzetta to be the best. 🙂

  2. Harold Ponsell

    When I started I had 5 cell Kel Light do you know I would like one of these.

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