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  1. Ralph Everling

    Parenthood is grand. Adopted from China and russia.

  2. Eric

    Great job and congratulations to her. Sounds like you are a great teacher and mentor. She learned something every step of the way. Good job to both of you.

  3. Dave Allen

    Great job Dad! You Inspire me to do better than I am!

  4. Christina (BooBoo Justthemomforthejob)

    I love me some Ellermans and am SOOOO excited to know that K has such an AWESOME forever family! MUCH LOVE TO YOU ALL!

  5. Christina (BooBoo Justthemomforthejob)

    Love me some Ellermans! SO excited that K has such an awesome FOREVER family!! MUCH LOVE TO YOU ALL!

  6. Mike

    I’m hunting with my 11 yr old daughter as I’m reading this I’m glad to see I’m not the only one taking dsughters out hunting Great job

  7. Mark Clark

    Great Job on the adoption and her first deer!

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