Savage Rascal 100 Yard Golf Ball Shot [VIDEO]

Folks tell me the most memorable shot on Top Shot was when I shot the golf ball at 100 yards.

That shot was pretty crazy I’ll admit.  Sure, most any marksman can do it.  But the trick was doing it on demand, under pressure, with a rifle that wasn’t mine, that wasn’t properly zeroed, in unfamiliar conditions, and I only got 1 tiny .22LR round to do so with.  I was successful, and it got me into the final challenge to win the grand prize.

I always like challenging myself on the range, and while my Volquartsen Custom makes a golf ball a very easy target at 300′ I grabbed my daughter’s Savage Rascal in order to see what could be done with it.

After finally connecting with steel and zeroing the peep sight as well as I could I found that I could whack a golf ball when I put the ball tipping right at 11 o’clock off the front sight.  Those things are crazy small at that distance, but during my warm up session before I turned the camera on I hit 4 in a row.

After turning the camera on it took me three rounds to connect, but hey, with bulk Federal ammo and a stock youth .22, I’m plenty happy with the results:

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  1. Grady Gillis

    That’s pretty special, Dustin. Has your daughter tried it at that range? Is she up to that level of marksmanship yet? I loved teaching my younger daughter to shoot. It was great watching her succeed at something new and enjoy it as much as she did. Sharing with our kids is pure joy. Thank you for the great work you do with children and for being the role model and spokesman for the shooting sports that you are.

    • Dustin Ellermann

      Thanks Grady, the kids are still plinking at about 25 yards but I think all of them (ages 5, 8, and 13) have connected with golf balls at that distance. Sure wish we had more .22s to play with! One day…

  2. Dustin, your statement about the rifles not being sighted in correctly on TS. This is something I’ve wondered about from the start. Too many shots that should have been EASY for any of you to make. I couldn’t imagine me missing many of those.

    What was the TS routine on the sighting of the various guns?


    • Geoff it was different for every challenge. Some challenges we couldn’t touch anything due to both teams using them, others we were allowed to adjust the sights but only had limited ammo and no tools to do so. But that being the case it always comes down to marksmanship. We always had practice rounds (even if it was just three) the day before. You just had to realize that the sights are just for reference, and hold accordingly.