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  1. LeeAnn

    I just LOVE reading stories where a kid REFUSES to become a victim!

    My hat is off to him. And, I hope the father takes his daughter out for target pratice because according to statistics, she will need to know how to shoot more than the son will!

  2. MikeA

    You won’t see this on the national news.

  3. A Duncan

    Why in the world did a fifteen year old have access to a short barreled rifle machine gun?!?!? We’ve gun control preventing this!
    Oh….it wasn’t a SBR automatic weapon(assault weapon)? Both of the pretty girls with a microphone wouldn’t lie to us about that, now would they?
    I wish they had the ability to report facts.

    1. Derrick

      An AR15 is not a machine..when are people going to realize this? An Ar is no different than my Ruger 10/22…a semi auto rifle…and it is no more dangerous than a fork or a ball point pen (both of which have been used as weapons). The MSM sucks.

  4. Leonard

    Excellent job for a 15 yr old! I bet his parents are glad they trained him properly.

    Now all TEXANs need to make sure they notify their City/County/State representatives to stay vigilant that no one tries to pass any silly laws such as Providence, Rhode Island.

    Stay safe and GOD BLESS TEXAS!

  5. Drew

    I love it!!!! This boy was raised right good job to him and his parents for teaching him how to respect and use a fire. I’m glad him and his sister are safe.

  6. Steve

    Here is ONE example of where a weapon designed to kill people has a positive outcome, instead of the story ending in tragedy. You can do the same thing with a shotgun…you gun nuts are insane.

    1. Gun Nut

      This happens more often than you know. but the media does not want this to get out. God forbid the public finds out that a law biding citizen is able to fend off a bad guy with an “Assautl Rifle”.


      You don’t get to decide what guns we get to own, Steve. Sorry.

      1. Amy

        And Megabite, thank God for that!

    3. Ron

      Right, Steve. Because a shotgun isn’t lethal like “a weapon designed to kill people”.

      At least insane people have an excuse. The ignorant? Not so much.

    4. James

      One example of countless THOUSANDS every year of where a ‘weapon designed to kill people’ has a positive outcome.

      And the phrase ‘weapon designed to kill people’ is nothing but word trickery meant to stir up emotions on ignorant people such as yourself. The original AR-10 (forefather of the AR-15 which later became the M16 for military use but maintained the AR-15 label for civilian use) was actually designed to be accurate, more lightweight, more durable, more easily produced, easier to maintain, clean and repair, more easily modified and a higher rate of fire than the M1 Garand. Since the original intent for the rifle was already to kill the enemy, they wanted it to be better suited for the task than the Garand. It is highly popular with civilians who own such a weapon for self defense, target shooting, competition and a wide variety of other uses.

      So there’s a little education on the subject, I hope you learned something. I doubt it though since you’re probably too dumb to realize I’m right and you’re wrong.

    5. Charlie

      Steve I am sorry that you weren’t brought up properly. Every American should be trained in the use of firearms. It should be required teaching at all schools and colleges along with the the pledge of allegiance, citizenship and Constitution. Liberal cancer has taken a toll on people like you. The 2nd Amendment is in place for citizens to protect themselves from criminals and corrupt politicians. Now more than ever we need to exercise our right to arms.

    6. greg

      Steve you are one example of the blind sheeple who think gun owners are nuts. We are real Americans and believe in our right to carry and own guns. I can only pray something like this doesnt happen to the imposters sheeple because then they will blame it on gun owners as well. Wake up America

  7. Ron Bacon

    Nice shot(s). To the anti-assault rifle crowd – if the kid had used a shotgun the intruder would likely have had his head blown off. After taking a couple rounds the guy still had a chance with the lifesaving efforts of our medical teams. If we don’t resist Obamacare that likely won’t be the case in the next decade.

  8. Darryl

    Hey Steve… feel free to post your address here for everyone. I’m sure the criminals won’t mind knowing that your home is a gun free zone.

  9. Cameron

    Great job by this young man!!!

    The only thing I don’t like about this is that the author of this is labeling an AR15 as an Assault Rifle. By the Assault Weapons ban’s own definition an AR15 is not an assault rifle.

    I believe that the anti-gun crowd is trying to re-label all semi-auto weapons as assault rifles and that is a dangerous thing to do when it comes to weapons bans.

  10. Mary A

    Steve, it might interest you to know that depending on what was in the shotgun (read shot) the intruder might have not have been killed. It might have just pissed him off enough to do some real damage to those kids. At least with an AR they both were the recipients of enough damaging metal to discourage them and make them leave. That’s the point….make the intruders leave, not kill them. If they did happen to die the only one who would suffer would be the 15yr old who was just doing the right thing and protecting his sister.

  11. Ed

    I remember when this happened, way back in 2010.

    Recycling stories and putting current dates on them is the same as lying and only hurts our position.

    1. lou

      Post dated tragedies, post dated solutions. Turn around is fair play. Don’t site crime stats from the past to make your point, and I won’t site news stories from the past to make my point…

    2. Skeaterbait

      Really? So showing examples of how legal gun ownership has a history of protecting is bad? I don’t see that. The anti-gunners are doing all they can to make out guns to be only bad and they are using a mere handful of incidents. Why should we not show the good, even if historical. In fact, in my opinion, we should dig up all the stories like this we can, make the few horrific incidents a measurable minority in comaparison to the good that gun ownership does.

      Watch the commercials about medications, the possible side affect of death is frequently listed but yet we keep selling them because of the greater good it creates. Guns are no different.

    1. Joanne

      I looked at the date and it was current. How can you find out whether a story is old or not when they change the date on you?

  12. American Truth Serum

    THIS is a VERY OLD report, and to exploit it, placing a more recent date on the occurrence, is only reducing and embarrassing the significance of the action. ALSO, to the ‘journalist’ that labeled the AR-15 as an ‘Assault Rifle’! Well, you need to return to the City College or online ‘University’ where you got your ‘degree’, and ask for your money back. Clearly, you were not instructed as to gatherng factual statements and referrences as to the subject matter, or the context of your reports. Either that, or you are just another @$$ kissing Liberal, with no moral compass! Either way, you are a moron.

    1. Chick

      No where does it say that the gun in the picture was the gun used so how do you know that the reporter was wrong moron.

      1. American Truth Serum

        Read the COMPLETE article, including the HEADLINE! No referrence was made to any photo! YOU are obviously one of the Liberals mentioned in my previous comment. Just another damned troll is all you are.

      2. American Truch Serum

        Hey, your Mom just brought in my breakfast, and wanted me to tell YOU to get off of her computer, and go to school! There is lunch money on the counter!

      3. Robert

        Because an assault rifle is select fire: burst or automatic. ARs are semi-autos. A select fire or automatic rifle (specifically an M-16 in this case) would cost in tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars because that’s an NFA regulated firearm with a finite number allowed to exist in the United States.

        This was a semi automatic sporting rifle, not an assault rifle.

  13. kmax

    once again the media proves their stupidity.
    an AR15 is NOT an assault weapon!

    1. Everett

      @kmax… I’m not a gun kind of person and I do believe we as citizens should be able to (legally) own guns but I think “AR” means “assault rifle,” correct?

      1. TenchCoxe

        No, in fact, AR does NOT stand for “assault rifle.”

        The original AR was made by a company called Armalite. AR stood for the company name, Armalite, not “assault rifle”.

        The term “assault weapon” or “assault rifle” was made up by anti-gun weenies in state legislatures and Congress and the MSM to scare people into thinking that an inanimate object was designed and intended solely to “assault” people, especially if the device has a composite stock and is painted black.

  14. sarah

    i love this story – who cares when it happened or what kind of gun it was. the point is a kid was able to save his family and home. a right we all have and may loose. i live in an area where gun safety is taught in schools – and i love it! my 13 year old daughter took the class and passed beautiful. she has been taught from day one never to handle guns in our house. now she has had a safety class and we can more forward. i thank God these parent taught their son how to safely use this gun. he saved his sister and himself from harm.

    1. nat

      i want to move where you are then and enroll my kids in that school… that is really awesome… we should all know how to handle firearms safely… Switzerland has an armed society and the lowest crime rate in the world

  15. gunny

    More recent? Same story as here but in NC last year. I believe it was a 14yr old protecting his 16yr old sister from 3-4 intruders. He shot one who staggered outside and died. LEOs caught the others later on. Police dispatch told the boy to put the weapon down because the LEOs were on the way, not at the residence. Kids comment? “NO MA’AM, I’m reloading”

    1. Drew

      Yeah this is from 2010. Either way, if a 14 year old child actually took the life of an unarmed intruder- dont you believe that since there was not proper training (like a cop) that eventually he would suffer from extreme regret or depression with thoughts like “OMG I took a mans life, all he wanted was my money, and now his family is going to have to live without a father and its Because of me?”

      1. Bob

        If I shot an unarmed intruder, I’d have absolutely zero remorse. The sacrifice of that intruder’s family not having a (stealing) dad is a small price to pay to get a piece of crap off the streets, proving a point, and cleaning up society.

      2. Mr X

        No, I don’t believe that the kid would suffer from depression. Don’t speculate what other people believe. Also, don’t speculate what the intruder wanting money would do or not do to the occupants. The boy was protecting life and property in his home. Under Texas law, he is completely justified. He is to be commended.

      3. kristi

        A home intruder is a threat and can an unarmed intruder can easily becpme armed within a house. Especially a house with guns. What if that man was trying to break into the officer’s home because he knew there was an AR15 inside and he wanted to steal it tow blast his own family away. What if he knew there were only children inside and wanted to kidnap them? Or take the girl’s innocence? You.never know what he wanted to break in for. It could have easily been a home intrusion wanting monetary substance but could have turned deadly if the man pulled a knife on the child in fear of being caught. I’m sorry but if someone tries to break into my house where my loved ones reside, it’s us or the intruder. I will always choose US, and never feel guilty about hurting a possible life threat. And this lid probably feels exactly the same way, being brought up by law enforcement.

      4. Drew W

        Are u freaking kidding? No! the kid is probably thanking God that he had a gun to protect himself and shoot them first before one of the intruders killed him or his sister.

      5. Jamie Flynn

        Are you effing kidding me?! a couple of things to show how ridiculous your reply to this story is…
        1. cops generally TEACH their kids how to handle a weapon
        2. as a rule, they don’t leave them loaded and ready to pull the trigger.
        3. with that in mind, the kid would have had to load the magazine into the gun,chamber a round, aim and then shoot.
        4. the article said the kid feared for his life AND the life of his little sister.

        yeah, he will be sorry it HAD to happen, but the idiot breaking into the house was a moron and broke into a house, IN TEXAS, good grief don’t 90% of Texans own weapons? I’m not a Rhodes scholar, but even I know when the odds are against me!!!!!

      6. P0RKCHOPIAN

        Not so sure, Drew. When I was 14, shooting an intruder would have rated right up there with skunks and rattlesnakes. Surely, you presume too much.

      7. Pamela

        Are you serious? He might suffer extreme depression if his sister had been raped and murdered by these criminals; how about the depression and regret his parents would have felt if they had lost their two children? How can you assume these criminals were after money only? You have no comprehension of what they were after. Think with that white mass between your ears.

      8. Janet

        DREW, Sure he may OR may not have some issues in the future. But those issues will be easier for him KNOWING he most likely saved his own sister from being raped, and killed…and himself killed too. I’d rather have some issues later than BE KILLED TODAY.

      9. joo

        No, I think his father will tell him he saves his sisters life and son your a hero . your a dip$#!? Thinking he just wants money . Thats funny that you think that way , not everyone is as weak as you !

      10. JC

        I honestly believe I would rather him go through depression for that, then have gotten killed or had to deal with knowing his sister was raped repeatedly by those guys. Good Job to that boy for doing what was necessary. Too bad he didn’t get the others as well.

      11. Brian

        Are you stupid or something? Hell no he isn’t going to feel regret. I was involved in a similar incident when I was 15. I ddn’t kill the intruder, but after they dug the .22 round out of his should he never wanted to be near or neighborhood let alone our house. And no I never gave a shit about his feeling or family….and still dont.

      12. Karen

        How would the 14 year old boy feel if the intruders raped or killed his sister. That, he would never get over. This way it was a much better outcome.

      13. Zadok

        The young man will have no issues until the psycho psychologist witch doctors get ahold of him.

  16. Everett

    I live in Houston and on January 8th (2 days ago) it was NOT 83deg outside at 10:14am. Way to change the date Robert Gillock (Web News Editor)!

    I just want to mention I do beleive American citizens should be able to (legally) own guns!

    1. Kristin

      You may note that January 8th was the day Mr. Gillock posted the story. He is not claiming the story happened on that date. I believe he posted it when he did, due to its current relevance.

  17. Lori

    I was home alone at my inlaws one time after college, before everyone else got home from work. I saw 2 cars passing in opposite directions going slowly by the house. At one point, they stopped to converse, then continued on their way, turned around and came back thru. This happened a couple of times. I went upstairs and grabbed my husbands shot gun. I dont know much about guns, but I knew how to load the chamber and shoot it, and Im pretty sure I can hit the broad side of a barn, so a car wasnt a problem. As I got back downstairs, one of the cars pulled into the driveway. I calmly walked out on the porch, made it clear I was loading the shell and stood waiting to see his reaction. As soon as he saw the shotgun, he backed his car out and left, and the other car drove by as well. I layed the gun on the kitchen table, so my husband could unload the shell. But it prevented a possible breakin, which is what I feel was their intention. We never had that problem again.

  18. Patrick

    a AR15 isnt a assault rifle you dumb ass

    1. Milton

      What do you think AR stands for it’s assault rifle so I guess you are the dumb ass lmfao

      1. Tony

        Milton, the only dumb ass is you! AR stands for Armalite who happened to be one of the first manufacturers of the Stoner Design Rifle that later came to be known as the AR-15 under Colt. Liberal numb nuts like you should not comment on thinks that you know nothing about. Go back to playing with your Barbie doll!

      2. Rick

        LMAO…AR signifies it as an Automatic Rifle. If you want an assualt weapon get a FN P-90. The civilian model is a PS 90 which is a semi automatic.

      3. Doug Grover

        AR stands for “ArmaLite” the original manufacturers of the AR-15. There are pistols and shotguns made by them with the ‘AR’ prefix.




        The AR in AR15 is short for Armalite, the company that invented it.

      6. ironbelly

        AR stands for ARM LITE the developer of the semi auto rifle. As usual you people do not have a clue. The M4 is an auto and military.

      7. Teiner Liebling

        AR = “Armalite”

        Look it up.

      8. Pat

        Poor Milton. Doesn’t even know what he doesn’t know.

  19. Brian

    Perhaps President Obama, and all the other gun control advocates, should ask this teenager and his sister what they think would’ve happened to them if his father couldn’t legally own that AR15!!!!!

  20. Ron

    Like me,,,, he would prefer to judged by 12 than carried by 6

  21. Ray Wilmore

    If Obama had a son who broke into that house, his blood trail would look like that.

    1. Teiner Liebling

      If Zero had a son, he might look like one of the intruders.

  22. shawmutt

    If AR in AR-15 stands for “Assault rifle” “Automatic rifle”, does that mean the AR-24 is an “Assault rifle pistol” or “Automatic rifle pistol”?

    1. NoFreeSheep

      Actually “AR” stands for “ArmaLite”. This is the company which first engineered these guns for the army. All other manufacturers are basically coping their creation.

      1. shawmutt

        I know, I was just addressing those that keep on insisting AR is anything but “ArmaLite”.

      2. Avrome Sullivan

        Sorry dude, colt manufactured the M-16 and M-4 carbine during the Vietnam war. For the military. Armalite manufactured the copy for civilians and law enforcement.

  23. Millie Stone

    AR is the Armalite designation for all their rifles, such as the AR-50 which is the 50BMG.
    The most widely used assault weapon is the LS, and it comes in various lengths. It is the Louisville Slugger. That’s right~~~it is a baseball bat. More lives have been taken over the years by ball bats than guns.
    One other point: All M4 designations are not full automatic. The M4 is a carbine, meaning it has a shorter barrel than a rifle. It is available to civilians. Many companies manufacture them besides Bushmaster.

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