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  1. James Stevens

    We need to see more of these stories reported. There must be at least 50-100 just like it that are being covered up to prevent the 2cnd Ammendment rights from gaining ground.
    Why did he only shoot the guy 13 times? The clip was out of ammo. jwstx

  2. Thomas Driver

    I believe that the anti-gun movement will try to use this as an example why firearms with high capacity magazines should be outlawed. Heaven forbid he shot the robber/assailant 11 to 13 times! I was in law-enforcement for 20 years and all the training I received enforced the rule that you continue to use force until the force being used against you ceases. The clerk was clearly in fear for their life having been shot (after giving the money demanded), and with the assailant returning again. I say bravo to that clerk!

  3. Mosin Nagant

    Magazine not clip. Liberal anti-gunners call ’em clips.

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