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  1. Kevin Calongne

    Well, it’s obvious to me that it isn’t Phil that is the intolerant one. Thank you, A&E for taking the side of a deviant minority over Christians.

    1. Dale Moore

      ALL Americans must stand up for their beliefs & values! He is only exercising his constitutionally granted rights! A&E is a typical liberal run media organization and acting accordingly!

  2. MikeA

    Looks to me like he just stated what Christianity teaches. He was not hateful or mean spirited, but everyone kowtows to the very small homosexual community, why I don’t know. I suppose the gay card is like the race card, people need to stand up & tell the haters to pound sand! There is no guarantee in the constitution that you won’t be offended, so get over it, I had to when Obama was elected.

  3. td

    Time to put A&E on indefinite hiatus. If Christians will stand up and protect their views the way the liberal deviants try to cram their views down on everyone else, we can make a difference.

  4. CharlesInTexas

    If true, then the rest of the Robertson family ought to tell A&E goodbye, adios, see you later and quit the show.

  5. OL AG '89

    I hope the rest of the Robertson family puts themselves on “suspension” as well, just ending the show for awhile. I say this not because I am against the show, as a matter of fact, it is one of the BEST shows on television today. Duck Dynasty has made A&E MILLIONS of dollars. Phil Robertson answered a question HONESTLY, based on HIS BELIEFS from the Bible, and for this A&E feels they need to “suspend” him from the show? Maybe Phil & the Robertsons sue A&E for violating his Constitutional right of free speech and for “suspending” him for exercising this right, in an article, not even connected to the show.
    I know some out there believe the Robertsons are just another bunch of “Honey boo-boo’s”, but remember, BEFORE the show came along, they were MULTI-MILLIONAIRES, running a very profitable business. They DO NOT need A&E or a T.V. show to survive.
    So maybe A&E should rethink this “suspension” or get ready to lose the number 1 show on t.v.!

  6. Steve Baker

    This is still America all have a right to an opinion even if it offends.

  7. Mike

    They fired the Duck Commander during duck season! Now they lose money while Phil goes hunting.

  8. Criss Morgan

    I just got off the phone with Direct TV, cancelling A&E’s programming until further notice, and I don’t even watch the show regularly. It’s the principal of the thing. They finally air a program which doesn’t automatically portray Southerners as bumbling backwoods idiots and then they go and pull something like this. I’m very curious about what the other 14,000,000 viewers will have to say about it.

  9. Chick

    Phil Robertson has 1st Amendment rights!

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