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  1. OL AG '89

    Hey Beretta,

    Texas has wide open spaces and we would WELCOME your company with open arms and pocket books that would support your company.
    If we would of had Beretta at the ALAMO, the results may have been different!!

  2. Charles Z Burchett

    Outsiders may get tired of hearing this but what has always been the truth is becoming more apparent, even to outsiders: the best place to be is TEXAS! We will treat everyone with respect without being politically correct.

  3. Sam Balsano

    DEAR BERETTA MANAGEMENT,PLEASECONSIDER THE MTN.HOME ARKANSAS AREA. A secure vibrant area with a large hunting and fishing community and a well known/well run Twin Lakes Gun Club with our large membership. ‘God Bless America as A Republic with it’s Constitution/Bill of Rights and to hell with those that would corrupt them’ Arkansas would welcome and be privileged to have a company with such a long and well known history. PS. Arkansas has a Rebublican majority State/Federal who are loyal to our 2nd amendment. Not 1 Republican Senator voted for Obama Admin.U.N.gun control, But 46 Democrat Senators did. Again we would love to have such a renowned company to locate here to boost much needed and would be appreciated employment in the area. Thank you for listening,Sam.B

    1. John H

      Arkansas????????? Really???? You gifted us with Bill & Hillary. KY or TX would welcome Beretta

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